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The following are excerpts from letters and messages received at Apex from residents' families referring to the care their relatives received at one of the three Apex Care Homes. Names have been withheld for data protection.

Please accept our appreciation for all that you have done for my father in the six months that he was with you. I would also like to thank you for the support and friendship that you showed to me whenever I visited Dad. You couldn’t have done more for either of us.

We would like to say thank you for all the wonderful care and attention you gave to our mum in her short stay with you. Many thanks.

We are so grateful to you all for looking after our father so well. He could not have had better care and attention, so thank you.

I am writing to express our thanks for all your wonderful care for two members of our family over their last years and to thank all your wonderful staff.

I am writing to say how much our family appreciated the good care my mother receiver whilst staying at your Alicia Nursing Home in Luton. She suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and was also diagnosed with breast cancer. She was completely bed ridden and unable, due to spasm, to move herself, but not once did she suffer because of a bed sore. This shows the good standard of nursing care. Also, although she was incontinent, her room never had the odour of old urine. This we also appreciated. It is a testament to good care that she managed to survive so long in the last stages of the disease. So I, my father and brother would like to thank you and ask that you strive to keep up your standards so that the sick are afforded some dignity and compassion in the last stages of their lives.

A great big thank you to you and all the staff for making mum’s stay so comfortable.

Thank you so very, very much for the kind and loving care you gave to our father while he was with you. Thank you also for the understanding you showed to his family when they visited him.

We are very delighted with the care you gave them (our family members). They always seem happy with their life at The Crescent. We are always welcomed with warm smiles. The staff are most helpful and considerate and the able residents go out of their way to chat to them. Thank you.